Power & Influence

8th June

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Key Facts

17.30 – 20.00
Hosted by Neda Blocho, Pear VC

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“People decide how competent you are in 100 milliseconds.”

When people want to make an impression, most think a lot about what they want to say. we are cautioned to think twice about this approach. The factors influencing how people see you are surprising: Words account for 7% of what they take away, while body language counts for 55%. There is a body language of power. In this session we’ll explore how and when to use non verbal cues to influence others.

Build your Power and Influence using Stanford’s Voice & Influence Circles workshop model, delivered with British flair and sympathy for the reserved by Neda Blocho.

A unique opportunity to experience one module in this program, created to empower women and men to realize their professional potential, and help them create organizations where workers can excel and thrive.

Neda is a Partner with Pear VC, and a Director with the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (BASES)